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Francesca Murden

Psychotherapist | Counsellor | Group Therapist 

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“I bring both personal and professional expertise to supporting individuals in understanding, managing and recovering from their drug and alcohol addiction. I have worked with people from all walks of life. My approach to helping people is based on a deep respect and understanding of the unique, complex issues a person who experiences addiction deals with. I never cease to be amazed by the courage displayed by my clients when they decide to make changes in order to live their life differently.”

Francesca has worked in both public and private rehabilitation centres and hospitals as a counsellor and group therapist, as well as private practice. She has experience coordinating and facilitating therapeutic programs for individuals with addictions involved with the criminal justice system.

Francesca understands that a variety of factors contribute to addiction, and no single treatment plan works for every individual. She always takes into consideration the unique personal, emotional, social and cultural aspects of her clients. She is passionate and dedicated to therapeutic work, and ensures clients have a safe, private and personal therapeutic experience.


  • Master of Gestalt Psychotherapy, Gestalt Therapy Sydney

  • Bachelor of Counselling and Human Change (Applied Psychotherapy), Jansen Newman Institute

  • Level 3 Clinical Member, Australian Counselling Association

  • Group Psychotherapy Leadership and Facilitation, Australian Institute of Counselling in Addiction

  • Certified SMART Recovery facilitator, SMART Recovery Australia

  • Alcohol and Drug Treatment Through the Lens of Culture, Drug & Alcohol Multicultural Education Centre

  • Member of Gestalt Australia and New Zealand


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