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Contact Sydney Addictions Recovery

443 Parramatta Rd,
Leichhardt NSW 2040


02 9056 3394

Please note
We share an office with Rough Patch Counselling. Look for the mental health bookshop when arriving.

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COVID Safety

We work in small rooms which have ducted ventilation and air filtration devices. We sanitise our rooms between every client and have hand sanitiser available.

For the safety of our staff and immunocompromised clients, we require all staff and clients to provide proof of vaccination or a valid medical exemption (IM011) prior to counselling sessions.

We are happy to offer Telehealth counselling via your preferred platform if you are unable to provide proof of vaccination or medical exemption.


Please note that our shop and counselling rooms are wheelchair accessible but there are steps to the bathrooms. If you require an accessible toilet, please contact us so we can make nearby arrangements prior to your arrival.

Our counselling rooms have a 900mm wide door clearance and are small but comfortable. Both have sturdy 2-seater couches with arms, which comfortably fit one person regardless of your body size. If you are coming as a couple and prefer to have seperate seats, we can easily add an extra chair. If you live in a larger body, use mobility aids or a wheelchair, or have any other accessibility concerns, please feel free to call us to discuss your needs.

Unfortunately we are unable to offer a fragrance-free space.

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