Nick Ludgate Sydney Addictions Recovery.


Psychotherapist  |  Counsellor


“It might seem like you are powerless to change anything right now, but with the right tools you will look back on this time and feel proud about how you got through it and how much stronger you have become. I can support you to navigate the difficult periods in your life and help you to steer your life in the direction you want it to go. Whether it’s to improve relationships, become healthy or address a long-standing issue, I can help you take the first-step to achieve what is important to you.”


  • Men's issues

  • Men separating from relationships

  • Depression and anxiety

  • Couples counselling

  • Individual counselling

  • Family counselling

  • Parenting and child development

  • Working with young people

  • Couples counselling with 2 therapists


Nick has over 15 years of counselling experience in a range of settings, including non-government organisations, private practice and schools. Nick specialises in helping people recognise how past experiences impact everyday life and how this understanding helps create meaningful and lasting change.

Nick knows the importance of listening - he will hear and validate your experiences and help you develop ideas and strategies to support yourself and create the change you want to.

Alongside his colleague Vanessa Harnischmacher, Nick also offers couples counselling with two therapists. This method of counselling ensures both clients have access to a dedicated therapist, and then come together to discuss their goals. This way of working supports couples to improve their relationships and make change efficiently.

Prior to becoming a therapist, Nick spent many years working as a caseworker and manager in the Child Protection and Out-of-Home Care Systems, and has extensive experience supporting people on their journey to living rich and purposeful lives.


  • Bachelor of Arts (Communications), University of Western Sydney

  • Graduate Diploma of Counselling, Australia College of Applied Psychology

  • Level 2 Clinical Member, Australian Counselling Association

  • Circle of Security Facilitator

  • 1-2-3 Magic & Emotion Coaching Facilitator

  • Engaging Adolescents Facilitator

  • ASIST Suicide Intervention

  • NSW Working with Children Check